The 4th month as an entrepreneur. What has and hasn’t changed? (3)

By | 2015/11/28

Then the last thing is the one that never changed in these 4 months.

That is to keep thinking “what is the most important thing? where should I spend my money and time?”

Keeping asking myself this question has been very important (or the most important) in my life.

Maybe a bit exaggerated, but I may think how should I answer this question at least once a day.

Maybe while taking a shower

Maybe while riding bike

Maybe while eating lunch along

Maybe while having breakfast and drinking coffee


When you start your business, you usually feel you know really little to everything. People around you are usually kind and are willing to give you advises. Then you’ll feel that you should do this and that and everything else.

However, every single thing would take lots of time, maybe several hours or days or months. It’s not possible to do everything.

As a result, to prioritize or not to prioritize tasks creates huge difference.

You know that people such as business coaches, senior entrepreneurs or other great people are better than you.

You believe their advices are all precious.

But you should never forget that the CEO of your company is you.

It’s you who invest precious time and money to the company.

To use your own precious resource to execute an advice from somebody else without your own thoughts and judgement is not smart.


No matter what and how others say, reference is nothing but reference.

CEO should always think and make a decision by him/herself.

All right! This is my feeling of being an entrepreneur for 4 months.

I never expected this.

But I’m highly motivated and feel happy now!

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