The direction of my business (2)

By | 2015/02/20

Due to some blessings (or maybe I should say timing? chance? luck? coincidence? accumulated efforts?), I felt the direction of my business is gradually getting more clear.

As described in the previous article “The direction of my business (1)”, the philosophy of my business would be “Being a bridge among Taiwan, Japan and Finland (Europe)”.

At the same time, there was good news coming to Mr. Kato in Japan that there was a Japanese game company who is asking Mr. Kato that if it’s possible to buy and put its advertisement on Mr. Kato’s App game review website, which means that the App game review website had grown to sufficient scale to attract game companies.

So! Since this game review website is attractive to a game company, if I can work together with Mr. Kato to sell the advertising service of his website to the well developing game industry in Finland, this could be a good business chance for me!


Then I discussed with Mr. Kato about the framework of this business and started to send e-mails to game companies in Finland with attachment of some documents describing the features of Japanese game App market.

In another word, what I’m gonna do in the first stage of my business is to sell the advertising space on Mr. Kato’s App game review website to the game companies in Finland.

This was the first blessing.

There was another one.

After sent around 10 e-mails to the game companies in Finland, only 1 company replied. (this is still very high reply rate since these mails are advertising mails)

It wasn’t about buying advertisement but about some important and precious opinions as following.

“Small-scale marketing strategy includes no more than advertising on a website would be difficult to succeed. We had experienced. Some big-scale marketing strategy including multi-media exposure is necessary.”

These words gave me great hints.


“Don’t just try to sell them your advertising service, but you need to provide them methods to let them easily sell a lot of Apps.”

Which means “What I need to sell is a full marketing package service for game Apps” instead of an advertising service on a website.

Things moved on much more fast from this.

I started to investigate and learn those methods. I try to verify the validity as well. I discuss with Mr. Kato. I also start to think about registering my company while checking the possibility governmental grants as well.

Workload exploded, but I’m having much more exciting life now!

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