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By | 2014/04/22

I really hate this education system.

An education system includes nothing but exams and standard answers is never education.

“Knowing the happiness of learning, being curious, thinking independently, solving problems with a team” had never been trained.

Learning is all for one purpose: “get higher grades.”

If I cannot obtain high grades, I will be physically punished, which is one of the main reason of study.

Nobody taught me to think “why?”

In the private cram school, the teacher told me that memorization can give you correct answers within a short time in exams, so if you have time to look for the reasons of the questions, you should spend your time in memorization.


This is the education I took from elementary school to senior high school.

In another word, it’s an education that told you, “Don’t think, just memorize!”

The education direction of my father is to give me freedom. He didn’t talk lots about what I need to be or how to be. On the contrary, my mother told me all the time, “you got to study, or you will work in bad environment. If you study hard, you’ll be able to work in comfortable offices. So you must study!”

Of course there is no doubt that a good degree is important in a society that sees degree as an important thing.

However, we should never forget that there are some things much more important to do to have a happy life.

It’s something not about the degree of grades.


Maybe it just sounds so ideal and not real, but in my opinion I believe education is something that gives people wisdom and ability to figure out independently what can make themselves happy and what they do can really contribute to the society.

We can always hear many questions in Japan or Taiwan as following.

Do I really need to go to a college?
Do I need to do internship?
Do I need to study English?
or something like: I don’t know what I should do, but my mother told me I should do this.

What the hell you can do if you cannot think, investigate and decide by yourself!

For god’s sake, it’s your life.

Unfortunately, under the education system in Taiwan, I doubt people can really live happily and think independently.

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