The top 5 regrets of the dying (2)

By | 2015/03/16

After all of these, there are 2 more things for you to remember.

First one is “to be along”.

We all stayed together with our friends while we were still kids in elementary or high schools and walked toward the same direction.

However, after senior high school, university and in the following path in professions, your friends may walk to different paths from yours. In most cases, you need to work hard along. Even though there may be some people supporting you, you still know that you are always along in your heart and you have to tackle down difficulties by yourself.


On the path to your dream, there is usually only yourself walking toward the goal together with loneliness.

But you must understand that this is the way to carry out your own dream and have true happiness from your heart.

One more thing is “to be disliked”.

If you walk on a path that is not expected by others, you may not be liked by them.

If you chose to walk on a different path from the expectation of others, you are definitely disliked.

If you want to go to an art university, you won’t be able to be government servant as your parents expected.

If you really want to produce the best, you can’t compromise and just do as others expected.

You have to think. Which one is more important to you: killing yourself to be loved by everyone around, or being real yourself with some people not liking you. Which one can bring you a better life?

It’s your own life. Do you want to live in the way others like, or live in the way of your own self?

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