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By | 2014/04/07

“What kinds of things make you feel that you are using time with luxury?”

Have you ever thought of these?

The answer to the question shows your consciousness to time.

The following shows my theory.

“Before doing something, think first about what it means to you and what value it brings to you.”

For instance, you want to watch TV.


Because of fun?

What is the difference between watching and not watching TV?

What is the difference between watching for 1 hour and 2 hours?

What is the difference between watching for 2 hours and 5 hours?

This is the consciousness to time.


There may be no difference between watching or not watching TV.

There may be some difference in watching TV for 1 hour because of its entertainment effectiveness.

1 hour can be enough for some people, but it mayo be not enough for the others.

How about watching TV for 2 hours?

Enough? Not enough?

Then, how about 5 hours?

Totally enough? Too long? Still not enough?

There may be little difference in effectiveness between watching for 5 hours and 2 hours.

Therefore, the point is, “looking at the effectiveness of using time. By obtaining max effectiveness with shortest time, the waste of time can be cut.”

One more example, swimming.

Not doing sports at all, swimming for 1 hour and for 2 hours.

What is the difference?

Shadow of skytower

I’ll say that 30 minutes of sport is the min line to keep health, but swimming for more than 2 hours is too exhausted.

Hence, 1~2 hours may be the proper and short enough time for me to obtain max effectiveness from swimming.

Everything else is the same!

Going for lunch with friends. Go to Karaoka. Go to library to study. Attend a seminar. Read this passage or even do nothing.

The value is definitely there because you want to do it.

No matter the value for you is related to growing yourself, entertainment, or balancing your mind, you’ll do it because it’s valuable.

If you do not feel any values, then please stop it right away.

Do things with proper length of time. Think before you do.


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