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By | 2014/04/09

As the last part of this series, I want to start with a question, again.

Have your time been stolen ever?
Do you have this kind of experience?

“What? You just wrote that everyone can receive 86,400 seconds every day equally in the article Time (1). How could time be stolen?” may be what you are thinking now.

One story I read in the magazine of National Geography several years ago came to my head.

It was a story written in an advertisement of camera.

In the story, a camera man lost his wife.

They had happy lives every day in the past.


Then, it’s written that the happy time was stolen by illness.

His wife got cancer.

(then the story ends up with stopping time with camera.)

Illness make you be not able to do many things.

Do you think “not able to do many things” is equal to “losing time”?

Losing health, being ill, getting wounded makes you not able to use your time freely.

Before recovery, most time may just past without being utilized.

That’s the reason why illness steals time.

(of course some people can still read or think in their ill or wounded time, which will not be the case of wasting time)

Riding bicycle on a peaceful road

So, after this long article, what do you feel about time now?

How will you use your time today?

Maybe you will be more conscious with “spending time luxuriously.”

And try to find out if there are any things changed inside yourself after spending time.

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