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“Struggling” may be the best word to describe my business now.

I believe the decisions for my business now are proper.

The core business is to find good mobile games from Europe and launch them in Japan.

I’m also trying to find other opportunities around this core business.

All of these are for getting revenue.

I know what I’m good at.

I can speak three languages: Japanese, Chinese and English.

I can do business in Europe, Japan and China.

I’m living in Europe.

It’s not perfect translation for Japanese.

It’s not knowing everything about games.

Nobody can have perfect conditions for starting a new business.

Then, how could I in such a condition create value and make my business survive?


I’ve been to 6 game conference in Europe already.

I heard something, felt something and remembered something.

I keep asking myself.

Are there needs for my core business?

If no, why not?

If it’s no for now but there could be some possibility in the future, then why? Why is there possibility?

Are there any market needs that you can feed and cover by yourself?

Although the game is the central product of my industry, the most important thing for me is not necessary to be games. It should be more about the needs for my skills in the industry.

It’s easy to say “you need to change everything in order to make eastern game players love your game”.

But how could game developers make such a decision to change everything?

To put tons of resource for a full change on their game just for a single market without the accurate estimation to win in that market? That’s nothing but suicide.

Then what? Give up?


If the point is the graphic style that makes eastern game players hate the games, we can try to pick up games that are not deeply influenced by the graphic style.

Such as puzzle games or SF games, which could be more fitting to eastern markets.

Furthermore, by thinking how to make the next project better than the previous project is another way for potential success.

If the point for improvement is to have sufficient support from developers, then find a game that is fully supported by the developers.

There are thousands of things that are not affordable for you, but there are thousands of things that are affordable for you as well.

Prioritizing the affordable thousands of things is exact the job for management team, isn’t it?


In another word, you think the potential problems or opportunities in your current business. You have more and more ideas to verify and to confirm every day, but you can’t just do everything right away. You need to think what to do right now and what you should do later.

Now the 8th month from the starting point of my business.

I still don’t have any revenue yet.

But I do feel I’m doing better every month.

I notice new things and improve some processes every month.

I never forget on any single day that an entrepreneur who can’t get profit is nothing but a piece of trash.

It’s always meaningless to explain the reasons to others.

It’s always wasting time to hope others can understand.

Why? Because it’s only myself who is in my business 100%.

Then, what can I do?

Listen to what people advise

Care what people say.

Make my own decisions.

My business is not equal to my life.

My life is the only thing that is equal to my life.

Starting my own business is for the purpose of not leaving regrets in my life.

Starting my own business is for the purpose of having the life I want.

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