Why? How? A highly ranked country, Finland. (2) Fragile States Index

By | 2014/07/11

Please let me notice that these articles relevant to international indexes are not written for comparison, but to know the difference and to get a hint for improvement or further development.

Through these articles, we get a chance to think by each one of ourselves about our own country and our own future.

The index today is “Fragile States Index 2014”.

It is calculated and published by a NPO call “The Fund of Peace” located in Washington, USA.

Let’s look at the ranking list first!

Here comes the order of most stable/sustainable countries, which is reverse from the list on the website.

(1) Finland

There is the only one in this group!

(2) Sweden
(3) Denmark
(4) Norway
(5) Switzerland

where shows the top 4 countries are all from Nordic.


(6) New Zealand
(10) Australia

(14) Germany
(19) France
(20) USA
(22) Japan
(23) Korea

(29) Spain
(31) Italy

(94) Russia
(98) India
(111) China

(174) Sudan
(175) Congo
(176) Central African Republic
(177) Somalia
(178) South Sudan

The bottom 5 countries are all from Africa…..very cruel reality.


This index is calculated on the basis of 12 variables which including factors of environment, illness, refugee, violence, economic development, poverty, political corruption, drug security, public service, safety security, infrastructure, human right, foreign intervention, etc.

Here are the details of Japan (The lower the number is, the better the evaluation is)
Except the tragic earthquake in 2011, basically most factors are stably low.

However, without clear reasons, the numbers of environment, pollution, violence and powerlessness remain high…

Then, here is the numbers of Finland.
Except the slightly downward phenomenon of economy, all other numbers are extremely low and stable.

By reading through some indexes like this, we can have some perspectives of evaluating a nation.

It’s quite interesting to know the situation of your own mother country.

*Taiwan, my mother land, is not on the list.

See article in English list here

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