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By | 2014/03/05

Money for your business!
Nothing better than this!

Actually, there are lot s financial support options provided for Japanese entrepreneurs in Japan every year.
They can be checked on the website of Mirasapo or J-NET 21.

There are a huge amount of money waiting for people.

However, if you read the content, you can understand that it is not easy.

The purpose is different among various kinds of financial supports.
Some are only for local business units.
Some are only for new oversea business.
Some are only for cooperation between universities and industries.
Some are only for manufacturers.


I would like to introduce a new choice of financial support in Japan, started just from 2 weeks ago, although this is only available in Japan, which is call financial support for small, middle company and business with innovative manufacture, commerce or service.

Actually, I just knew this from Sangyo Shinko Zaidan (industry development foundation) at Chiba city.

The officer also mentioned that it is the first time that the service industry is also included.
This is so lucky!!

The max amount of financial support is from 7 to 15 million yen (70000~150000 USD) depending on the field and purpose.
It covers the 2/3 amount of costs in your business!

For inspection, you need to show the overview, profitability, plan and also an acknowledge from specific institutes, such as banks.


I believe government want banks to do pre-inspection while they issue the acknowledge.

After knowing these, I went to a local bank at Chiba in Japan.

Where I learned 2 points.

(1) Make your document look nice, including data not less than 70% of perfect condition.

(2)Present with confidence, passion and belief.

The dead line is 14th March. I will apply for it!
Hope you can also do it! if you need.
The second round deadline is 14th May.

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